Australian Circular Economy Forum

A circular economy is about designing waste out of our systems, keeping materials in use, and regenerating natural ecosystems. It is a social, economic and technological shift that requires input from all areas of our society.

The Australian Circular Economy Forum brings together Circular Economy champions to connect, collaborate and discuss the circular economy 2030 opportunity.

The Australian Circular Economy Forum 2023 Report

The 2nd inaugural Australian Circular Economy Forum was held in June 2023. It followed the inaugural online ACEF in 2022. ACEF23 brought together 356 Circular Economy leaders in business, government, investors, academia and NGOs to map out a plan with sectoral recommendations for a for an Australian circular economy by 2030.

The event proved to be an impactful platform for exchanging ideas, sharing evidence-based progress, and forming meaningful connections. It focussed on helping partners to put circular economy theory into practice across business operations. The collective expertise and diverse perspectives of attendees generated thought-provoking discussions, delving into the most urgent breakthroughs needed to deliver a 2030 circular economy.

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