Circular economy at the forefront of Inner West’s Zero Waste Strategy

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Dec 3, 2022

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We congratulate the Inner West for their Zero Waste Strategy 2021-36 that enshrines the principles of circular economy to solve the community’s waste problem. The strategy addresses the failure of local governments to better value avoidance, reuse and repair in waste management. 

Therefore, the Inner West has made a consolidated effort to better address the ‘top half’ of the waste hierarchy. As to reduce waste generation and the number of materials requiring collection and processing. Moreover, it will build a capacity in the local reuse and repair sector, increasing social and sustainability benefits to the Inner West community and local economy. 

Furthermore, this strategy emphasises the importance of council and the community to take collective responsibility for waste and recycling. As materials collected by the Inner West Council in 2015-16 show that per person approximately 378 kg of waste is generated annually. Only by working together can the Inner West ensure resources can be valued as part of a circular economy. 

InnerWest Council is a member of Circular Australia’s Precincts & Infrastructure Taskforce. 

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