Closing the loop report – WA


May 26, 2020

Closing the loop report – WA

This discussion paper seeks feedback on detailed legislative proposals to improve waste management and support a circular economy for Western Australia. Deadline for submissions have been extended to 15 July. Waste reform options outlined in this paper will be of primary interest to waste industry stakeholders, including occupiers of landfill and waste storage premises. Following the public consultation period, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (the department) will analyse submissions and make recommendations to the Minister for Environment. Stakeholder consultation promotes transparency, improves legislative design and ensures risks are identified. It also allows innovative legislative options to be explored in a Western Australian context. This consultation provides an opportunity for key waste stakeholders to raise issues, concerns and opportunities about the proposed legislative options, and provide information on potential impacts on businesses, the community and government. Here is a link to main web page on this initiative by the WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, while the button below directly downloads a PDF version of the paper.



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