Cocoon Cool Roofs: Decreasing temperatures and energy costs

Case Studies

May 24, 2023

Watch full video here: Cool Roof Case Study Mckinnon Secondary College Melbourne | Cocoon Cool Roofs

Cocoon roofs have the solution to decrease temperatures and energy costs. 

According to a multitude of studies, warmer temperatures inhibit a student’s ability to learn. This is increasingly worrisome with rising global temperatures. Cocoon Cool Roofs, a company specialising in commercial roof coatings, has found that by covering roofs in their highly reflective coating they can deflect incoming solar radiation. Thus, reducing temperatures without the need for excessive electricity consumption.

This was seen in the Mckinnon Secondary College case study where classrooms with the reflective coating saw a reduction in temperature by up to 15 degrees in peak periods and a 56% reduction in energy costs compared to classrooms without it. 

Cocoon Cool Roofs is a member of our Industry, Precincts & Infrastructure Taskforces

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