Water Alliance releases Blueprint for a Circular Water Smart Society

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May 1, 2023

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Many parts of the world face a water crisis as natural water sources are depleted. The traditional solution is to draw more water from nature, but natural resources are depleting. 

To tackle the global water crisis the Circular Water Expert Group of Dutch non-profit Water Alliance launched its ‘Blueprint for circular water smart society’ during New York Water Week. This publication will have significant global impact and Circular Australia is proud to be a partner in this international collaboration. 

The Blueprint makes clear the inherent need for circular economy principles and design to address the water crises, by positing tangible solutions for the practical application of circular water and a vision for water use in the built environment. 

The use of recycled water for non-high-value applications is an excellent way to curb tap water consumption without compromising on hygiene and living comfort. 

Therefore, the blueprint urges governments to ban the use of tap water for non-potable purposes, to mandate the use of alternative circular water sources in the border sense, to urgently adjust regulations and building codes, to accelerate the implementation of existing standards for safe circular water use or expand existing standards with sections on safe circular water use, to safeguard public health and to make circular water available at a lower cost than tap water by applying fit-for-purpose circular water quality criteria. Some of these recommendations may see a reduction in tap water use and wastewater emissions by 20%-45%.


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