Yas Grigaliunas

Chief Circular Entrepreneur

Yas is a visionary entrepreneur, known for her work in promoting circular economy principles through her award-winning social enterprise Circonomy and as the inaugural Chief Circular Entrepreneur of Circular Australia. As President of the Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC), she supports social ventures and drives positive social change. With an authentic speaking style, Yas inspires audiences through lived experience, passion, and storytelling, to adopt sustainable and social practices for a prosperous and positive future.

With a deep understanding of the interplay between sustainability and social responsibility, Yas advocates for holistic approaches that address both environmental and societal challenges. Through her dynamic energising engagements, she not only inspires audiences to adopt circular practices but also encourages the integration of social objectives into business strategies.

With a steadfast commitment to driving change and making a lasting impact, Yas continues to lead the charge in promoting circular economy practices, guiding businesses towards sustainability, and shaping a more inclusive and eco-friendly economy for generations to come. Her work at the intersection of circularity and social entrepreneurship serves as an inspiration for individuals and organisations locally and globally, inspiring them to embrace innovative solutions for a brighter and more sustainable future.

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