Circular Australia today announced its new Board with eight Directors joining newly appointed Chair Terri Butler, former Shadow Environment and Water Minister.

The new Board includes:

Louise Thurgood: Finance and risk expert

Hon. Niall Blair: Food Sustainability and Circular Economy Specialist, former NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Trade, Industry and Water

Ian Overton: Strategic governance, science and business leader

Jason Graham-Nye: Global circular economy business leader and academic

Jodie Bricout: Global circular economy advocate

Joyanne Manning: Global circular economy for the built environment expert

Alex Cramb: Strategic communications and public affairs consultant


CEO Lisa McLean joins the Board as Managing Director and Circular Australia CFO and Chair of Finance and Investment Taskforce Katie Dowling takes the position of Board Secretary.

The newly established organisation is working with partners and stakeholders across industry, government and research to unlock the $2 Trillion-dollar economic opportunity by keeping materials in the economy longer and innovative design to remove carbon and waste from our environment.

“Harnessing the circular economy is a powerful opportunity to generate Australian jobs, drive new industries and productivity while cutting carbon and protecting the natural environment,” Ms Butler said.

“The new Board brings a broad range of expertise and experience to drive the organisation forward as a key driver of innovation and community awareness.”

Circular Australia is an independent not-for-profit organisation. Its mission is to deliver a zero-carbon economy by:

  • Working collaboratively with businesses, government, researchers and individuals to remove barriers restricting growth in circular economy projects and initiatives
  • Providing circular economy analysis and information to the market
  • Helping deliver new circular economy markets, infrastructure and services
  • Educating communities to promote circular behaviours and change

Circular Australia has grown from the state-based NSW Circular model, it will focus on national projects and uniform regulation Australia wide.

Media Enquiries: Alex Cramb 0418 602 050

What is the Circular Economy? A circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. Decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources, and designing waste out of the system, it is based on three principles: 1. Design out waste and pollution 2. Keep products and materials in use. 3. Regenerate natural systems

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