About Circular Australia

Circular Australia is an independent not-for-profit company accelerating the transition to a circular economy. Circular Australia has grown from NSW Circular, a NSW Government Research & Innovation Network established by the NSW Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer and hosted by UNSW Sydney.

Our mission is to deliver a zero-carbon circular economy by:

  • Providing transparent and open data to the market
  • Helping deliver new circular economy markets, infrastructure and services
  • Working collaboratively with businesses, government, researchers and individuals to remove barriers and scale the circular economy
  • Empowering people to promote circular behaviours and change


Growing to a National Focus

Today we are excited to announce our transition to Circular Australia.
A new independent not for profit company that will continue to work closely with industry, government and research partners and the community of Circular Economy (CE) practitioners to accelerate the circular transition.


Over the past 18 months, Australia’s understanding of the circular economy (CE) has skyrocketed as industry and government organisations realise the massive economic opportunities it presents. 


Since its inception in 2019, NSW Circular has successfully highlighted the importance of CE as the framework to tackle embedded emissions – almost half the emissions reductions needed to meet Paris targets. We are proud of our contribution helping to change policy and attitudes.


Circular Australia will continue to enable hundreds of organisations to come together to solve Circular Economy systems challenges and deliver change. Our Taskforces, Strategic Partners and Researchers are leading the thinking on converting the $2 trillion CE opportunity into new jobs, services, infrastructure and investment.


Working with you all, our expertise in circular economics, precincts, infrastructure, finance and investment is driving critical agenda and we look forward to building on this work as grow nationally. 


We thank our funder, the NSW Office of Chief Scientist & Engineer (OCSE), host the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Board and Chair Margaret Harding for catalysing this critical CE work by funding and supporting NSWC over the past three years. Without their vision and commitment we would not be able to launch Circular Australia today. 


CE is the only economic framework we have to grow our economy, jobs and investment in a carbon and resource constrained future.  Circular Australia is committed to making Australia a global CE leader.