Our Work

Circular Australia works with people, businesses, government agencies, not-for-profits, researchers and finance organisations to remove barriers to the circular economy.


Lisa McLean

CEO message

The circular economy is here, and we need to get ready. Businesses and governments are leading the way with big changes that will make our planet more sustainable and resilient.

Companies and researchers are designing out waste by making products that last and can be repaired. Next-generation infrastructure and services are allowing people to generate energy and water locally, reducing costs and creating an abundance of sustainable resources that can be shared. People are also sharing mobility, saving money and carbon.

Circular Australia is on a mission to remove barriers to the circular economy future by partnering with business, government, researchers and people.

Our strategic plan

Circular Australia is in the early stages of its transition from NSW Circular and an updated Strategic Plan will be released in FY22-23.

NSW Circular Strategic Plan



We will be the source of truth, providing transparent and open circular economy data to the market

Supply Chain

We will help deliver new circular economy markets, infrastructure and services


We will work collaboratively to remove barriers and scale the circular economy