PIPA discussion paper: Circularity and plastic pipes

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Dec 9, 2022

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Australia’s pipeline infrastructure is vital to the way we live today, delivering essential services and utilities to our homes and communities. However, there is growing concern for the country’s undeniable worsening plastic pollution problem. The Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia (PIPA) are aware of this problem and are making a determined effort to promote circularity in the plastic pipes industry. 

PIPA’s recent discussion paper underscores the challenges of achieving greater circularity in this sector. Firstly, most plastic pipes remain in service meaning there is a low volume of material available for recycling. Thus, recycling targets can actually increase the risk that unsuitable plastic will be used to manufacture pipes thus compromising their performance, service life and safety. 

Secondly, depending on the type of pipe, the use of recycled materials may be prohibited under current Australian Product Standards. Pressure pipes responsible for the transportation of gas and drinking water must be made from materials that are known, predictable, and consistent, therefore recycled materials cannot be used.


PIPA is a member of Circular Australia’s Precincts & Infrastructure and Industry Taskforces. 

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