The Circle Awards


May 4, 2021

The Circle Awards is shining a spotlight on the circular economy, to celebrate the individuals, organisations and businesses who are leading this growing movement. The Circle Awards has been established by The World’s Most Rubbish (TWMR) in partnership with NSW Circular, to recognise Australian and New Zealand innovators who are working towards circular solutions in a wide variety of industry and fields. These problem-solvers are rethinking how we can use our resources, for regeneration rather than deterioration.

The Circle Awards is about celebrating progress, not perfection – to recognise all circular efforts, whether big or small. In doing so, The Circle Awards aims to encourage continued circular economy problem solving, as well as to highlight the products and services adopting circular practices that span all aspects of our day-to-day lives. Australian consumers are actively seeking out more conscious brands and products, and projects such as The Circle Awards are helping them find circular alternatives to other, less sustainable options. As a growing movement, it is important that consumers become familiar with the circular economy and its applications, to become more interested in becoming involved through their consumer choices.

The Circle Awards will be judged by an expert panel, featuring NSW Circular’s Chief Circular Economist, Dr Kar Mei Tang among other circular economy experts.

Dr Kar Mei Tang, NSW Circular, said, “If the whole of Sydney Harbour were a landfill, we would fill it before 2040. Many of our landfills across the country will also be at capacity in that time. The circular economy provides a key solution for our waste crisis, but it also makes solid economic sense, and the only real option we have to grow our economy – to deliver productivity and resilience as we head into a resource constrained future. The Circle Awards will push circular models into the spotlight and help inspire the next generation of innovation leaders, while growing awareness and support with consumers to buy products created with circular principles.”

Entries for The Circle Awards opened 15 April 2021 and will close 14 May 2021, with winners being announced 14 June 2021. The Circle Awards are launching for the first time this year, to become an inaugural event to recognise the ongoing efforts of individuals, organisations and businesses to prompt the circular economy shift. If you would like to place a nomination or to learn more about The Circle Awards, click here.

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